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FRONIUS Remote Control RCU 5000i

Remote control unit with full text display, welding data monitoring with Q master function, simple operation, systematic menu structure, user maintenance.

RCU 5000i is suitable for TransPuls 4000 / 5000 and TransPuls Synergic 2700 / 4000 / 5000


Thermal Arc ULTIMA 150 Plasma Welding System

The Ultima 150 is priced competitively with automated TIG systems. Plasma welding is measurably the lower cost process with savings gained through increased productivity, reduced scrap, reduced down time and fewer electrode changes.



Plasma Arc Welding. Applications: Aircraft / Airframe. Boat marine. Thin gauge aluminum. Small fabrication shops.

Features: 0.5 - 15 and 5 - 150 Amp Current Range (Providing quality performance on a wide variety of applications). Smooth DC Arc (Repetitive, high quality welds). Pilot Arc (Repeatable arc starting reducing defects and rework). Multiple Voltage Input (260 - 460 VAC, 1 or 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz.,575 VAC with Optional Module). Smart Logic (Circuit protects unit from damage if improper voltage is applied). Current Limiter (Limits power source output to torch capability to avoid torch damage). Preview Set Current (Eliminates costly test set-ups/displays actual current/voltage). Protection Devices. Coolant de-ionizer and ionized coolant protection. Coolant flow protection/interlock. Coolant temperature protection/interlock. Console temperature overload detection/interlock. Simple Interface (Automated or Manual control). Can utilize a number of current Thermal Arc Torches.


Thermal Arc ULTIMA 150 comes with PLASMABRAZE  UNIT.


Bernard 300 Amp Torch ACR30060B8EM, Part Nr: 1013881

Welding Torch with 45° Neck

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