Andere Roboter Staubli RX90 control CS7C


Year: 2001/ 2003. This robot is very precise and fast. it can efficiently handle loads of 6 kg to 11 kg with a 0.02 mm repetition. Its six axes and 985 mm arm reach enables quick coverage of the wide envelope.

The machine has a variety of mounting options since it can fit on ceiling and floor. With IP 65 protection, it is quite fit for harsh environments. The arm also has a wide range of flexibility allowing it to work sufficiently regardless of space.

Through innovative count technology, the robot's position can be known at any instance. The arm assembly is sufficiently flexible and is able to perform a great variety of applications. Adept MV controller also features Adept VME Graphics Module (VGB) and Adept vision system. Also available is an optional integrated track ball and accommodation for Adept Vision VME and AIM software products.

You can also create and custom the graphical user interface with the V+ operating system. It has complete multiple-windows, pull-down menus, icons, buttons, and slide bars. These make a friendly and robust system for your assembly, measurement and handling needs. 


Robot Info

    * Payload: 6Kg.
    * Max. arm reach: 985 mm.
    * Accuracy in repetition: 0,02 mm.
    * Control: CS7b

Robot Motion Speed

    * Axis 1: 240º/s
    * Axis 2: 200º/s
    * Axis 3: 286º/s
    * Axis 4: 401º/s
    * Axis 5: 320º/s
    * Axis 6: 580º/s
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