Andere Roboter Staubli RX60L control CS7M


Staubli RX60L control CS7M is a small payload robot is extremely fast, flexible and accurate. It has an articulated arm with six axes that increase work envelope and enhance accuracy.  The robot which has an enclosed arm that is fit for harsh environments can be mounted on both walls, floor and ceiling. It is ideal for assembly of parts, measurement, handling, loading and unloading applications.

The machine is powered by CS7 controller which is flexible enough as it supports V+ programming language. This will meet most is not all of your individual needs. Staubli RX60L is quite ideal for harsh environment due to a special wrist resist design (IP67).  



Robot Info

    •    Number of axis: 6
    •    Maximum Load of Robot: 1,5 Kg
    •    Maximum Reach: 865 mm
    •    Repeatability: +-0,02 mm
    •    Controller: CS7 (V+ language)

Robot Motion Speed

    •    Axis 1: 287º/s
    •    Axis 2: 287º/s
    •    Axis 3: 319º/s
    •    Axis 4: 410º/s
    •    Axis 5: 320º/s
    •    Axis 6: 700º/s

Robot Applications

    •    Pick and place
    •    Assembly

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